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My name is John Fedock,  I am a Professional Engineer with a passion for Renewable and Solar Energy technologies and techniques.  My goal for this website is build and energy community to share knowledge and application of energy systems that can be constructed by anyone with the will to learn!.John's Smiling Face :)

I currently work in the turbo machinery industry as a mechanical designer.  The main focus of my job is to design high performance machinery at a competitive price.  This experience has helped me to develop a unique ability to uncover low cost alternative solutions.   I see this website as opportunity to share my knowledge and passion engineering and sustainable living.

Due to the state of today’s energy economy I have decided to build this website to let the world know that there is another way.  We DO NOT need to rely on foreign oil to power our economy.  We have plenty of resources here in America and if used properly have the ability to supply our population with all the energy we could ever want.

Why do we still use oil, If there are other cheap ways to get energy? what is going on? why haven’t we switched? Well… the fact is that Solar Energy does not make a great business model, plain and simple.  Companies can’t make money on it because it is essentially FREE!

On this website you will find information that will help you to create independence for yourself!  You can free yourself from society’s chains, that seek hold you in your cubical til you are 95.  I plan to accomplish this by showing you step-by-step how to design, build, and install renewable energy systems that you can afford to rely on!  

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