Prototype Wood Gasifier Build – Update 1

Prototype Gasifier Build

Wood Gasifier Updates:



Well,  I have finally finshed my “survey” of current state of the art welding technologies for welding thin gage stainless steel sheet metal.  I have found out what doesn’t work (easy) and what does work (a bit harder to figure out).

Below is a picture of My first weld for the gasifier Project.  This weld is constructing item number 2 from my Wood Gasifier Bill of Materials (B.O.M) document released in august.

Here are my Tack welds

Here are my Tack welds

First Stitch Welds

First Stitch Welds

In the End the Everlast Tig Machine Won! I was able to weld the sheet metal best with the Tig (surprised?) .  I am still honing my skills as I have found welding thin sheet metal is NOT easy!.  I will continue to build my skills as I progress with the project.  Currently I am welding 2 4′ x 10′ sheet length wise to create a piece of sheet metal long enough to roll the outer most air shells.  if you remember these were the only two cylinders that were longer then the 10′ stock sheet length.  This required me to weld multiple sheets together to be able to have piece long enough to roll.

Back Side of finished weld

Back Side of finished weld

After I finish welding, I then need to plasma cut all of the cylinder blanks so I can take them up to the metal supply house to be rolled in to cylinders.  Things should start progressing quicker now ! I’m excited to see how well it works!

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  • Donald Goldsmith

    Please keep me informed on your progress and if your tutorial Series is downloadable so I can read it while offline.

    • Jfedock

      Right now the tutorials are in the form of youtube videos you can see them buy visiting my youtube channel quiksilver1j

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