What is a Wood Gasifier? and Why you Want to own one!

Prototype Gasifier Build

What is a Wood Gasifier?

I realized many people may not know what a gasifier is and how many uses it can have.  A gasifier is basically a device that heats organic matter so that is starts to release combustible gases but does not burn.  You can use the exhaust to run a household generator, power a car like was done

during World War II as shown in the video below.

Larry Dobson’s new wood gasifier has the ability to burn the exhaust gas produced to heat water for your Home!… There are as many uses for this gas as with natural gas! and its is powered by waste organic matter.  Think of the possibilities.. You could become self-reliant for free if you had a steady supply of fuel.  This technology is not new, but Larry is attempting to improve the old imbert wood gasifiers so they can operate on a wider variety of fuels and with less of it!


So as you can imagine owning a powerhouse like this would be excellent for any preper looking to go completely off grid or just the average family looking to provide a backup fuel supply for their household generator.   All of this for relatively little cost considering the amount of power it can produce and the fuel is renewable.

Larry Dobson's Novel Gasifier Design

In order to successfully complete a project such as this one you must completely understand the function of each component and how it will assemble all together.    You should mentally be able to walk through the assembly process before you ever pick up your welding torch!  If you plan to have a skilled artisan build one for you then you still need to thoroughly understand these plans and the building process so that you can tell if your device if properly built!

I will walk though the construction process step by step, so be sure you keep checking back for updates!

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If you want to get started looking at the Plans please visit Larry’s Gasifier Plans

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18 comments… add one
  • robbie gent

    looking for small household plans

    • Jfedock

      Check out Larry’s website for the detailed set of plans .. His website is fundamentalform.com

  • dhanaraj

    what kind of wood to use this plants?

    • Jfedock

      You can use any woody/carbon filled material. Such as saw dust, dried cow dung, crop wastes, corn hulls, any type of wood / chips… pretty much any solid waste material that will burn

  • Tom Lambert

    I know what they are how they work ,I even built a working version , but have yet to get back to getting a high end one put together to run a stationary engine to charge the batteries on our solar system .We have so much poplar here it grows like weeds ,so fuel is no issue..

    • Jfedock

      What is restricting you from using your current gasifier to charge the batteries? Even if it is a low end FEMA type gasifier you should still get plenty of usable gas to power a small generator


    I wont for india /Mumbai gasifire who run biomass from west msw FROM 500 KVA TO 100 MW my mobil no is +919322218844 RAJU SALOT

    • Jfedock

      I am sorry but I am not currently accepting any consulting projects, please send me an email with a few more details and I will let you know when I start consulting

  • Lili

    Can you send me Your plans please i work with an Indian community and is the solution for them the gasifier
    Thank you
    Regard and congratulations for your invention

    • Jfedock

      Hi Lili, I do not yet have a full set of plans for my modification of Larry Dobson’s gasifier (fundamental form.com) . If you provide me with additional details of what you are trying to accomplish I can better direct you to the best solution

  • David Geldart

    Dont seam to be able to open the “gasifier design manual” id love to read it. Says that the file is corrupted.
    Is anyone else having this problem.

  • David Geldart

    Thats great, thanks

  • Hi
    Will this gasifier work on sawdust?
    My mill produces about a tone of wet sawdust every day, and most mills do, if you could build a gasifier to burn that , it would help a lot !
    Thanks patrick

    • Jfedock

      I would guess you could burn saw dust in Larry’s design. If any modifications were required you would need to change the design of the fuel grate. Without testing I can’t be certain the saw dust would “flow” properly when wet. You may need to dry the saw dust some in order for it to feed properly. Another option if your main fuel is saw dust ; would be to set up a conveyer belt feed system that continuously (very slow feed rates) feeds the gasifier. There seems to be alot of interest around using saw dust as fuel so I will pose the question to Larry and let you know his opinion

  • Please get in contact with me. I have an idea I would like to run by u. It’s about a gasifier build

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