Wood Gasifier Prototype Build – Update 3

Prototype Gasifier Build

Wood Gasifier Build Update


After I having issues with my Plasma cutter I decided to rent a plasma cutter locally until could figure out what was wrong with my machine.  I rented the unit on friday and by Sunday I had cut out all of the rectangular sheets that needed to be rolled in to cylinders.


On Monday I dropped 8 sheets off at the local metal supply house.  I have not yet heard back from them but expect to hear more by the end of this week.  In the mean time I will continue cutting out the flanges and other circular sheet metal forms preparing for the return of the shells.

One Issue I did encounter was the supply house was reluctant to roll the sheets.  I believe this was mainly due to size limitation of the slip roll machine.  As they mainly do larger thicker pieces of the sheet, 20 gage is close to being too thin.  So this means I wasn’t able to have all of small cylidnrical ducts to be rolled.  I will either need to build my slip roll machine or attempt to use my hand made sheet metal bender.


The good news is I was able to quickly the cut the sheet metal with the rented plasma cutter. I will attempt some circular cuts tomrrow and post some picture of my results!

I also was able to contact Everlast’s support line and got some information about the plasma cutter.  Appreantly I have a different torch then comes standard with the machine so the 60 – 70 psi for the plasma cutter doesnt’ apply.  I was told to set the compressed air at 72psi and the machine didn’t over voltage! So I guess the plasma cutter works after all .. I am going to try a different plasma torch to see if that improves the cutting performance.  More on this to follow!

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  • This page is a bit outdated, John ~ what are you up to these daze? Any attention to the gasifier?

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