Wood gasifier prototype build – Update 4

Prototype Gasifier Build

Well, I finally have good news in that I am making good progress on the build.  I picked up the rolled sheet metal on new years day.

Wood Gasifier Sheet Metal Shells


Wood Gasifier Shell 2

It cost me $250 to have 8 pieces of sheet slip rolled in to cylinders.  As I stated in my last post, I wasn’t able to get all of the components rolled in to cylinders.  The supply house’s slip roll was simply too large to work with small sized sheets / diameters.  So I need to find another way to make to cylindrical ducts and other smaller components.

I have started to weld the cylindrical shell seams so that the rolled sheet metal forms cylinders. Below is a video of my progress and a welding jig I made to help keep the sheet metal from warping .

I researched Buying A harbor freight slip roller but found it can only roll 24 gage stainless steel. The only slip rolls able to do what I need cost ~$1000.  I simply do not the the money for that.  I did see a person build a slip roll out of some Axel shafts and transfer case gears.  This will still cost $100-200 for parts but still within my price range.

So far I only have the rollers which will be made from the rear drive axels of a 1 ton Chevy pickup (~ $80 for two 3 foot shafts) not sure how wide I will make the slip roll so I may only use one shaft keeping the other as a spar for my truck.

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