Wood Gasifier – Prototype Build Update 5

Prototype Gasifier Build

Gasifier updates

You may be wondering what is the current status of the build and why updates are being published further apart.

Well the truth is I’m out of gas… Literally not figuratively .  I’m out of argon and have waited almost 3 weeks for my supply company to get restocked.

Over the holidays I swapped my 80 cu ft argon tank out only to find the valve was damaged.  Basically someone messed the treads and the valve  sealing face up.  Face had gouges in it the treads were stripped.

I attempted to return the cylinder the day after Christmas only to find the shop was closed till Jan 7th.

The leaking bottle barely lasted till then.. On the 7th I attempted to exchange the broken cylinder only to find they didn’t have any.  The only had 20 cu ft tanks so they sent me home with a free one.  I though great this will last til the next shipment comes in… Yeah right! I used that little bottle up in just 3-4 days of welding after work at night!

Since that time I’ve been waiting .. I was told it would be in last week but nothing.  I called them this morning and they still don’t have any full 80 cu ft argon tanks, but they do have an empty one (hopefully not broken one) they will give me so I can exchange it else where.  If the original cylinder wasn’t damaged I would have just exchanged it at another shop.  Soooo.  I should finally be restocked with argon tomorrow and be back in business.

In the mean time I’ve started to cut the circular rings for the vessel flanges and bottoms with my plasma cutter.  The circle cutting jig works great!  There is a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it the circles are almost perfect !

I expect to be finished with the majority of plasma cutting this week! And possibly all of the welding by next week. I can’t believe I’m getting close to assembling and testing the gasifier.


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