Building A Wood Gasifier Tutorial Series

Life Skills, Prototype Gasifier Build

I have started to record step by step welding videos to help others understand how I approached welding the 20 gage stainless steel for the wood gasifier.

These videos are by no means all inclusive as welding can be an art more then a science.

I am going to try to show each step of the weld prep / fixture setup. I tried to record myself while welding but it ended up being more difficult then I anticipated. I had a hard time trying to weld while not blocking the camera’s view. I am only a novice welder and had a very hard time welding “out of position” .

Instead I show you the product of my welding after each step (tacking, stitching, final pass) .

I’m not finished with the series but wanted to get these videos out so everyone understands my approach/ progress thus far.

If your interested in welding, fabrications, or building your own gasifier; I believe you will find this series very valuable. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of my time to teach myself how to weld… I can speed up the learning process for you by showing you my mistakes and how I corrected them!

I hope everyone is enjoys these videos and learns a little about welding along the way!

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    It is very useful and clear site, thanks

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