Wood Gasifier Test Rig Design Goals and Expectations

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In order to reach any goal in life, one must first clearly understand what those goals are.  If you do not clearly define what your desired results and expectations are then how will you ever know if you succeeded?  It is possible to mentally defeat yourself before you ever begin journey by not believing in or goals or then you can reach them.  Physically writing down your goals has always helped me to visualize what I want and what it would feel like if I were to get it. 


My goals for my Wood Gasifier Prototype test rig are:


1.  To evaluate the difficulty of manufacturing and assembly.

2.  To evaluate the efficiency of the wood gasification process

3.  To understand the fuel limitations of the new design

4.  Design a Control system that automatically will fine the device for the highest quality gas production.

5.  Evaluate the gasifier's performance while using different feed stocks. 


I plan to collect a lot of measurement during the testing phase in order empirically prove the effectiveness of the wood gasification process. This way I can back all of my claims with hard repeatable evidence.


If this device operates as expected the possibilities are endless. I truly believe this could be a giant step in the direction toward total energy self sufficiency and sustainability.


My question to you is … what are you going to use your gasifier for? I plan to use mine to produce the gas that will power my whole house electrical generator! Soon you will be able to use Free electricity produced by your yard waste!


More to come tomorrow on the project plan and project time line as I am still working out the details



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