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I have been writing this blog for over two years now and I haven’t asked for any financial support. I didn’t want to charge or even accept donations until I could provide more value then prices/ donation would imply.

At first the main purpose of this blog was to document and share the DIY projects I was designing and building.

Two years later I find myself spending most of my free time working on the website, writing blog posts, recording videos or out in the garage building the prototype gasifier.

I believe I have found my passion and am now seeking ways of turning my passion into my career!
My goal is to provide the lowest cost, yet reliable alternative energy products, plans, or consulting services available.

As I am only part way finished with the prototype build I realize I still have much to prove. I hope that my persistence and dedication up to this point shows I am committed and simply WILL NOT QUIT!


With that said, I have spent multiple thousands of dollars on the gasifier build already and I still have to finish the gasifier, build a slip roll, and a trailer to mount it on. I could use some financial support to help speed the process along.


To facilitate this I have decided to add a Bit Coin tip jar on each blog post page. 
If you found the post interesting, helpful, or motivating please consider contributing to the blog by donating Bit Coins. 

What is a Bit Coin you say? Bit Coins are a new type of electronic currency that can be traded for goods, services, or just about anything.  Its an alternate currency to the dollar, so therefore its not subject to the same transaction fees and taxes as the dollar.  If I were to place a Paypal donate button on my site I could literally end up owing paypal for your donations because of transactions fees.

It is completely free to transfer as many (or as little) bitcoins as you want.  Another Benefit is that the transfers are immediate!


I understand most people have not yet started to use Bit Coins, but I feel it is a huge step forward and want to encourage others to use it!

How does it work and Why can’t other people just steal my money?

Its works similar to the old bank ledger days.  Before computer banks would hold ledgers (books) which were used to keep track of the balance of each account and the transactions that take place in the account.

Well bitcoin works similarly except that instead of the ledger being held the the bank, everyone who has a bitcoin wallet also has a copy of the leger.  But you can’t read the ledger because every account is encoded with special encryption key (think about it like a bank vault key).  The encryption key is located in your bitcoin wallet (ie on your computer).  Unless your have the encryption (safe) key you can not gain access to the account.

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin Just search Google you will find more info then you will want.

If you want to start using Bit Coins I suggest buying your first coins from CoinBase.  You can either store you bit coins on their website for download a computer program called a bitcoin wallet that will allow you to transfer you bitcoins to your home computer for safe keeping.  I suggest password protecting and backing up your wallet to another computer and on the internet at dropbox

Just because You can’t afford One whole bit coin doesn’t mean you can’t participate. Bit coins are infinitely divisible so you can buy as little as you want. Buy $5.00 of bitcoins to see how it works .. theres no minimum so don’t be afraid to give it a try.


I hope this inspires you to give bitcoin a try and if you found on of my posts interesting and want to see more like please consider donating

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