Everlasting welder breaks again! & My house is finally on the market

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Well I was finally able to finish preparing(cleaning, repairing and packing) my house for sale.  This endeavor took much longer then expected, but to be fair the improvement of the house was significant.  This has been a very busy (exhausting to be honest) few months for, so that is why it had been more then a month since I posted last. 

During the process of my move I found this on the side of my Everlast Power Pro 256 !



As you can see there has been some arcing from the work electrode terminal to ground of the case.  This can be very dangerous as death by electrocution is possible ..if the casing is touched during operation. Obviously I can’t use the welder until it has been repaired. 

Based on my last repair experience it will take 4-6 months and ~$300 out of my pocket for another repair attempt!  If you remember last time they didn’t even fix the issue with the machine.

This shouldn’t effect my gasifier build as I have since purchased a Hobart mig welder 210.  For about 200-300 I can purchase the specialized stainless steel shielding gas which will allow me to finish the gasifier.  I haven’t welded thin stainless with a might before but I learned a lot from using the tig and will attempt the process with the mig.  If nothing else I should be able to weld much faster with the mig machine…I jus hope I can create air tight welds as I did with the tig.  More to come shortly as I’m still probably a month or so from restarting the build due to moving / European travel (2weeks) for my employer.

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