I’m moving on to bigger and better Places!


This weeks post will be short as I am announcing that I am moving.  I believe it is in my best interest to move out of the current city I live in. 

I have not mentioned this issue before but over the last few months I’ve had problems with nosy neighbors and city code enforcement. 

I’ve researched the code and apparently everything I want to do is illegal.

Including building this gasifier! Its actually illegal (they will fine you until your broke and then take your house, illegal) to operate a business from a residence. 

I’m fed up with all these ridiculous codes, tired of hiding, and I simply need more space (due to codes forcing me to store vehicles in my garage).

I’ve decided to relocate outside of the city where the neighbors preference doesn’t matter because there isn’t a code enforcement agent paid to listen. My property tax dollars are being used to fund this ridiculousness. 

With that said .. My progress on the gasifier will slow down over the next month or so as i need to spend time packing and getting the house ready for sale.

It will take me some time to relocate all of my supplies and tools.  I have already rented a workshop that will allow me to continue work on the gasifier once the house is sold. I also have s temporary residence until I can find a new home.

I will work on the prototype as much as possible but so far I’ve had little time/energy left at the end of the day. One the house is sold I’ll be back in business quickly.

I realize its not the best situation, but feel I’ve made the right decision to help me reach my end goal of bringing you more useful projects you can build yourself! I appreciate your understanding during this hectic time and look forward to a promising future to come!

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  • Todd Turner

    Reminds me of Joel Salatin’s book “Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal”. He’s an organic farmer who has spent the past few years facing all sorts of ridiculous regulations. I hate it for you… all the best!

  • John, Although it’s a pain. it sound like a great decision. Go where you have no crazy worries. Take your time. We’ll wait.

  • Good for you John! May your move be smooth and serendipitous, and may you return to the fabrication soon! It’s been many years I’ve tried to build this gasifier ~ another one won’t hurt, although I’ll be building one in India within a month!
    I totally understand what you’re going through. I lived in a house in Seattle with a stinky old oil-burner. I replaced it with a hot-air furnace burning free green wood chips from local tree-trimmers. It burned so clean and efficient that there was no smoke or smell from the clear exhaust, but I was forced to remove it, because it had no U.L. approved sticker on it, and reinstall the old smoky, inefficient oil furnace. Regulations often stiffle creative solutions to real problems.

  • 610Alpha

    Sounds like a Libertarian has been born!

    The more people face these regulations and opt out the better off we will all be. Good luck on your move and hope it is a speedy one. Look for an unincorporated location.

    • Jfedock

      I’ve been a Libertarian for most of my life! I just didn’t know what to call it until I heard a man named Jack Spirko talk about it on the survival podcast! If you don’t know about the podcast you should check it out! Jack is an inspiration to me.

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