DIY product reviews coming soon!

Bookmark is will now be your GO-TO source for online DIY plan reviews. Most of the plans I will review will deal with solar and renewable energy, but this will not be the only subject reviewed. I plan on reviewing any practical DIY plan or product that the community would like.

My reviews will be simple, straight forward, and to the point. I plan on evaluating easy the plans were to follow, how many hours the project took, and how well the end product performed.

I will give an unbiased review regardless if I purchased the product or if it was donated for the review. If you are going to donate your plans for review be advised, I will tell the truth about the product; if it is great or not the world will KNOW!

I believe my first review will be of the DIY solar collector plan the I suggested you follow to build your own PV solar collector from

Stay tuned as we star to ramp up productivity at; the best is certainly still yet to come.

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