PowerItYourself.com’s “Sheet Metal Welding Simplified” eBook has been released!

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The first edition of “Sheet Metal Welding Simplified”v. 1.0 ebook has now been released!.

Welding is a very valuable skill, allowing you to create just about any device, component, or part that you could imagine. Learning to weld is similar to learning how to drive; welding gives you the freedom to explore, create, and build your dreams.

One of the more difficult aspects of welding involves thin sheet metal. Being able to weld thin metals gives you the ability to build/repair automobile bodies, tanks, vessels, BBQs, smokers, trailers, airfoils, fans, endless variations of artwork even your own personal aircraft!

With a little guidance and practice even a novice welder can learn to properly join thin sheet metal.

You can Purchase your copy of “Sheet Metal Welding Simplified” by visiting PowerItYourself.com’s eStore.

The tips and techniques shared in the “Sheet Metal Welding Simplified” eBook will help the novice to intermediate welder improve their sheet metal welds.

Welding Sheet Metal Simplified eBook

Topics Include:

  • Welding Basics
  • Types of Welds
  • Selecting the Proper Shielding Gas
  • Shielding Gas Selection For Tig Welding
  • Shielding Gas Selection For short arc MIG Welding
  • Weld Preparation
  • Sheet Metal Welding
  • Why is thin sheet metal more difficult to weld?
  • Intermittent Stitch Welding
  • Differences between welding carbon and stainless steel
  • Fluxes
  • Thin sheet metal welding Tips and Techniques
  • Fixtures & Heat Dissipation
  • DIY Weld Inspection
  • Metal / Weld Color
  • Proper Weld Shape
  • Troubleshooting
  • Proper Heat Output
  • Weld Speed
  • Dirty Tig Electrode or Mig Nozzle?
  • Torch Angle
  • Proper Torch Distance / Wire Stick Out
  • Welding thin Sheet Metal – Step – By – Step Overview


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Powerityourself. Com updates and the Plan Going Forward


It is time for an PowerItYourself.com update! Its been some time since my previous post so i figured it was a good time for an update.

So since my last post my house went on the market and sold in 5 days! Hurray, everything is great right? Well sort of.. Immediately I started to look for a more suitable house where I could leave cars parked in my driveway (on stands if I like) and am allowed to run a business out of my own home. Unfortunately affordable properties like this are scarce!

Many places in USA you can find a small affordable house, out side of city limits, for cheap. Not in south Florida! We have thousands of HOA communities and bunch of expensive large acre tracts of land.

There is plenty of affordable land in Florida, but little to choose from that is within driving distance to my current full time job. I’ve looked into relocating to north Florida but haven’t found an opportunity that will make it financially viable.

I am creating my own niche! But I’m not quite ready to give notice at my job just yet.
I am still searching for a way to turn my passion for designing, building, reverse engineering devices to help make life a bit easier.

This is why I started working on the gasifier; I figured being able to generate power anywhere is a good starting place. Unfortunately, I ran into space limitations at my previous locations which brought everything to a halt. Because I love creating, designing, and building so much I decided to sell my house and look for a place where I’d be free to create instead of being a slave to some city code officials ideal.

With all that said I am having a hard time finding land on which you are “free” and won’t ever buy a suburban home again just to become a slave to the city codes.


The current reality is I still currently do not have enough room in my storage unit (aka. work shop )to build and house the gasifier. Although I desperately want to complete the gasifier .. I am a realist.. As you can see above, I just do not have the room or the need for a gasifier right now. So until my situation changes the gasifier project is on hold. I will complete this project, but for now I need to wait until I have the space and need for the power generation device is realized.

In the mean time , I intend to continue pursuing my dream ; I am going to start blogging on all my DIY projects. Previously I focused on diy energy topics such as solar attic fans, or gasifiers. Now I will include other interests such as rebuilding/restoring well made automobiles, welding techniques, experiences and tips, as well as the occasional renewable energy project such as a solar powered air conditioner. I have many game changing ideas, but I now realize generating good ideas is the easy part; implementation is where it gets tricky.

One needs ample time, money, and opportunity (a market) to implement the idea. Currently, I’m short on the Time aspect, as my full time job occupies most of my waking hours.

I now realize I need to focus all my energy on one thing at a time. I also realize that one thing doesn’t need to change the world, it just needs to be better then what has been done in the past. So my new goal for myself and this site is to provide as much free infomation as possible, while still being able to make enough money to support myself and fund my projects.

Although this is a lofty goal , It is a goal I have written down ; chiseled in stone!

To help realized this goal I will start to write and distribute short ebooks on differnt topics of interest. The first ebook will be titled ” Basics of Sheet Metal Welding” which will cover all of the information I learned (both by research as well as by practice) about welding thin pieces of metal together. It will cover selecting the proper welder all the way to building your own jigs and fixtures. I plan to release each book for free for the first week. After that they will be available for purchase at low price. I will be giving anyone who signs up for my weekly email listing access to download the books for free for the first month after they are released.

I expect the welding ebook to be the first one released but it is a work still in progress, so bare with me it may not be available for a week or so. I will send out an email to my mailing list once it ready for download, so If you haven’t subscribed.. then subscribe!

Additional Ebooks I plan on writing are:

How to add a turning gear to an engine stand
How to build your one Vortex Compost Tea Brewer
How to add a air dehumidifier to your air compressor (no more water messing up your paint job/plasma cutter!)

Hopefully, these ebooks will help pass the time while I continue to search for a new home/workshop for myself and PowerItYourself.com . If you have any suggestions, comments, please email me or leave them in the comments section below.

I know many of you are wondering if the gasifier build will ever be completed, so I hope this sheds some light on the situations .. As with most things in life , it is turning out to be more difficult then I ever expected, but life is all about the journey so if your not enjoying it you may need to redirect your course.. That is what I’m attempting to do !

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Everlasting welder breaks again! & My house is finally on the market

Topics of Interest

Well I was finally able to finish preparing(cleaning, repairing and packing) my house for sale.  This endeavor took much longer then expected, but to be fair the improvement of the house was significant.  This has been a very busy (exhausting to be honest) few months for, so that is why it had been more then a month since I posted last. 

During the process of my move I found this on the side of my Everlast Power Pro 256 !



As you can see there has been some arcing from the work electrode terminal to ground of the case.  This can be very dangerous as death by electrocution is possible ..if the casing is touched during operation. Obviously I can’t use the welder until it has been repaired. 

Based on my last repair experience it will take 4-6 months and ~$300 out of my pocket for another repair attempt!  If you remember last time they didn’t even fix the issue with the machine.

This shouldn’t effect my gasifier build as I have since purchased a Hobart mig welder 210.  For about 200-300 I can purchase the specialized stainless steel shielding gas which will allow me to finish the gasifier.  I haven’t welded thin stainless with a might before but I learned a lot from using the tig and will attempt the process with the mig.  If nothing else I should be able to weld much faster with the mig machine…I jus hope I can create air tight welds as I did with the tig.  More to come shortly as I’m still probably a month or so from restarting the build due to moving / European travel (2weeks) for my employer.

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Mig vs Tig welding of stainless steel

Topics of Interest

Hi all !  Sorry for the long break between updates but I’ve just been so busy getting ready for my move … Fixing , organizing, lifting .. I haven’t had time to weld on the gasifier any further. 

Although I could have a significant portion of the build complete by now (if I could have contained working as I was preciously) if I hadn’t been interrupted by code enforcement.  The time away from the gasifier build has given me a different perspective on my progress thus far.

For example .. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out what was the best method to weld the 20 gage stainless sheet metal.  I first considered  using my oxy-acetelyene torch but quickly found this too be very difficult.  In order to get a decent weld bead you had to heat the metal too long which distorted the sheet.

Next I decided to buy / try using a big welder (everlasting  pp256) which has a steep learning curve but eventually I was able to create acceptable welds albeit at a sloooow pace. 

Back in December I temporarily purchased a Hobart might welder during the time my tig machine was broken. I attempted to weld the stainless with poor results. I then returned the welder and decided to use the Tig.

Well during my move I had to purchase another Hobart might welder to some repairs to my pickup (I needed to weld in some tight places a Tig torch/filler rod just wouldn’t fit.

During this project I realized how much Faster the mig can weld compared to the Tig. I started thinking .. If I could only use this to weld my gasifier I would be done is 1/4 the time!

So I started researching how to best might weld 304 stainless steel… It turned out my failed weld attempts in December were due to incorrect shielding gas selection and too large of a wire. The capabilities of these Hobart machines are such that welding 20 gage stainless is on the edge of what it can handle. In order to weld stainless sheet this thin you need to use the smallest diameter might wire (.023″) which will greatly reduce heat input and therefore warping of the sheet. Additionally the shielding gas I used in December was 75% argon 25% CO2. Apparently this can work for one pass welds but it is much better to use a tri-mix gas of 90% helium 7.5% argon and 2.5% co2. This will greatly improve the quality of my stainless steel welds!

So I have decided to try might welding this stainless steel one more time:) . I have found a welding supply house that can squire this specialty gas for me, so once my move is complete I will create a few videos of my success or failure.

I making slow but steady progress on my move and hope to put the house on the market in the next few weeks. Progress is slow but this is because I am doing everything from house repairs to packing and hauling by myself. Now you can imagine why I haven’t had the time or energy to weld. I can wait til this is over and I’m back to my gasifier project.

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Slip Roll Part back from the machine shop

Prototype Gasifier Build

This week’s update will focus on my home made slip roll. I will use this slip roll to roll the smaller sheet metal pieces in to cylinders.

Below is a picture of the 3d solid model I built.

Home made slip roller

and then the rollers from the shop.




Once I finish my move I will continue to acquire the parts required for the build.

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Moving Update


I wanted give everyone a quick update on my progress .  I’ve been working tirelessly to fix up / repair the house to get ready for sale.

During this process I’ve continued To have code enforcement issues due to me storing my trans am on my driveway . 

I have already moved all of the gasifier shells to my storage unit/workshop, but I haven’t had any time to continue welding .  I hope to have the house ready to sell very soon .. After I move all of my furniture not needed to sell the house I will continue the work on the gasifier. 

I still have a good amount of work but its so encouraging.  I really feel happy and encouraged.  I look forward to living a more sustainable and fulfilling life ad a result.

Thanks to everyone that is sticking with me through this process .. I appreciate all the kind emails and encouragement.

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